Peniche is a peninsula known for its long sandy beaches, popular for recreational activities and water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, bodyboarding, kitesurfing, diving and fishing.

West of Peniche is Cape Carvoeiro, and the famous rock formation of Nau dos Corvos, one of Peniche’s landmarks, a superb place to watch the sunset.

Silver Seahorse

One of the places not to be missed is the islet of Papôa, a rock formation with volcanic origin where you can be dazzled by the view of the northern coast of Peniche and beaches to the south.

The Peniche museum is found in the Peniche Fortress and houses archaeological collections. The fortress is a former political prison, and the small museum has a part dedicated to the anti-fascist resistance movement, as well as art sections, on boat making and lace manufacturing of local bobbin lace. Along the fortress are the picturesque harbour and the old harbour walls where you will find various restaurants and bars, which lead to a small town square, where people gather on the terraces day and night.


The Islands of Berlengas, considered a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, are located about 10 km from Peniche and can be visited daily by boat; you can take guided tours around the island and visit the famous blue grotto. The Berlengas are one of the best places to dive due to their crystal clear waters and their unique fauna and flora.

Tickets to visit the Berlengas islands or booking of diving sessions can be made at Peniche marina or our Reception.

Our Beaches

Peniche is known as “Capital da Onda” (capital of waves); It has a range of beaches for all tastes, from lovers of water sports to families with children and young people. From the quiet beaches to those with impressive waves, perfect for surfers, all these beaches have the international Blue Flag certification.


Consolação Beach

Silver Seahorse Garden Retreat is located 500 metres from this beach divided by Consolação Beach Fort into 2 zones: south and north.

The southern zone has excellent therapeutic properties; accumulated iodine combined with other natural conditions and exposure to the sun is a medicinal treatment for the benefit of the spine. In the north zone, the landscape is entirely different. From the fort, you can see a wide and very long sandy beach that extends for several kilometres towards Peniche. This beach is sought after by surfers and families.

Supertubos Beach is 8 minutes from our accommodation; located south of Peniche, it is the beach where the RIP Curl Pro event takes place; a stunning beach, being surrounded by dunes and with beautiful waves, it’s much sought after by surfers and lovers of sport fishing.


Molhe Leste Beach

Molhe Leste beach is one of several beaches on the Peniche coast, also presenting good conditions for surfing.

It has a large sandy area and a natural beauty due to its surrounding vegetation; access is easy and additional services are available.

Peniche de Cima Beach

Located 6 km from our accommodation, this beach is surrounded by large dunes, has an extensive sandy area and a small bay and is sought after by young people, surfers and families.


Baleal Beach

Baleal beach is about 5 miles from Silver Seahorse Garden Retreat, it is one of the most beautiful beaches of the Centro region with an extensive sandy area surrounded by large dunes. It comprises two bays connected by a path that joins the small peninsula to the mainland. This is an exceptional beach for water sports and diving lovers, also sought after by families and the favorite for young surfers. It is very busy during the day and night due to the several beach bars and restaurants.

Places to visit

Budha Eden

Located 30 minutes from Silver Seahorse Garde, it is the largest oriental garden in Europe with 35 acres of beautiful and tranquil Asian gardens at Quinta dos Loridos. They were created by wealthy Portuguese art benefactor José Berardo as a tribute to great spiritual monuments after the destruction of giant statues perpetrated by the Taliban in Afghanistan. With lakes, well cared for botanical gardens, sculptures, giant buddhas and seven hundred terracotta soldiers – each a unique copy of those buried 2,200 years ago – be sure to take your camera! Its central lake is home to Japanese Koi carps, and carved dragons emerge from the water.

Silver Seahorse


The walled village of Óbidos is a popular tourist destination all year round, located 20 minutes from Silver Seahorse Garden Retreat. Set on top of a hill, it is a beautiful example of medieval architecture, with its castle, churches, a maze of streets and picturesque squares. You will find a variety of shops, restaurants and bars with ancient stone walls. The local spirit ‘Ginja’ (a type of cherry liqueur) is sold everywhere, usually in a chocolate glass.

A series of annual events occur within Óbidos’ castle walls, including the four-week Chocolate Festival, open-air classical music and opera concerts, a Christmas market and a wonderland with an ice rink. In July each year, the castle and town host a medieval market, with small outdoor shops selling traditional handicrafts and restaurants and taverns offering medieval meals and street entertainment such as buffoons, jugglers and knights.

Dino Park

The Dinosaur Park in Lourinhã, situated 25 minutes from our complex, is the largest museum and outdoor theme park in Portugal and Europe dedicated to dinosaurs and has more than 120 life-size models in a natural environment. The park is based on the ‘Science is Fun’ theme and is aimed at all age groups, designed to educate and entertain. Some original fossils are exhibited here, and this park also has a laboratory where visitors can observe their evolution.